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  • Ronda to Isla Plana – December 27 & 28. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    After a fantastic day in Ronda we decided to move on and go to the beach. I had rented an apartment in Isla Plana since fall. Isla Plana is a cute little village with seriously nothing going on. But the scenery is very nice and the climate is always a tad bit warmer. The small […]
  • Córdoba to Ronda – December 26 & 27. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    We left Córdoba in the morning and arrived in Ronda. The weather was agin fantastic and so was the landscape. We will most certainly do this trip again. … and take more pictures too. It was just too much to take in really. Ronda is very nice, and steep. I hit my personal best on […]
  • Granada to Córdoba – December 25 & 26. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    25-12-2019 We left Granada around 5 in the afternoon and hunted a spot for the night. We found a nice place by the river Genil. No logistics there at all, but it was very beautiful. 26.12.2019 After a quick drive we arrived in Cordoba. We decided to stay in the camper van parking close to […]
  • Velez Blanco & Granada – December 24. & 25. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    Trip with a rented camper van from Alicante via Velez Blanco and Orce to Granada. Including pictures, routes and tips for camper van overnight stays.
  • Andalucia & Murcia during the holidays 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    In 2019, after having traveled around 80.000 km on motorcycle since 2016, I saw the need for a more accommodating means of transport.
  • Donkeyboy in Basque Country

    In April 2019 By TZ
    On my way northbound through Spain I stopped at Phil´s place in Leorza. I learned that Scotsman Phil is one of the nicest people wandering todays surface of the blue planet. He runs a little guesthouse and organises donkey trips. I never was on a donkey trip so I was very eager to find out […]