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  • Truma kaputt, Idiotenfrühling und Frust!?!

    In February 2024 By TZ
    England: The New Inn – https://park4night.com/en/place/236660 Red Lion – https://park4night.com/en/place/447523 Frankreich: Le Fruit de nos Prairies – https://park4night.com/en/place/373693 – Rinder, Gänse, Enten, Schafe mit Hofladen (Normandie) Les Vergers de Ducy – https://park4night.com/en/place/144791 – Cidre und Calvados im Direktverkauf (Normandie) La Renaudière Féret – https://park4night.com/en/place/423488 – Pferde & Ponies (Normandie) Domaine le Colombiès – https://park4night.com/en/place/252978 – […]
  • Susana Raya documentary

    In January 2022 By TZ
    I recently finished a short documentary and interview with the Spanish singer & guitarist Susana Raya, which was published on Youtube. Jeg avsluttet nylig en kort dokumentar og intervju med den spanske sangeren og gitaristen Susana Raya, som ble publisert på Youtube. Vor kurzem habe ich eine kurze Dokumentation und ein Interview mit der spanischen […]
  • Februar 2020

    In February 2020 By TZ
    So far a quite busy month. I was teaching sound system measurement and design at the theater in Harnösand, Sweden. It was great fun and I always get a lot of energy from these classes. Sound engineers are maybe the best people one can be surrounded by. After that I spent some time in Oslo […]
  • Jack Sparrow and his friends

    In February 2020 By TZ
    Sitting in the sun on the veranda and watching the sparrows doing their thing is better than TV. Highly advised to get the mood up.
  • by the beach in B/W

    In February 2020 By TZ
    Currenty in Isla Plana, Murcia … relaxing and fixing websites for my clients. On the weekend I found some time to take some pictures. There was a lot of activity on the beach. Many people were fishing as the sea was filled with fish which have escaped from a farm during the last storm.
  • Mediterranean sunset

    In January 2020 By TZ
  • Ronda to Isla Plana – December 27 & 28. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    After a fantastic day in Ronda we decided to move on and go to the beach. I had rented an apartment in Isla Plana since fall. Isla Plana is a cute little village with seriously nothing going on. But the scenery is very nice and the climate is always a tad bit warmer. The small […]
  • Córdoba to Ronda – December 26 & 27. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    We left Córdoba in the morning and arrived in Ronda. The weather was agin fantastic and so was the landscape. We will most certainly do this trip again. … and take more pictures too. It was just too much to take in really. Ronda is very nice, and steep. I hit my personal best on […]
  • Granada to Córdoba – December 25 & 26. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    25-12-2019 We left Granada around 5 in the afternoon and hunted a spot for the night. We found a nice place by the river Genil. No logistics there at all, but it was very beautiful. 26.12.2019 After a quick drive we arrived in Cordoba. We decided to stay in the camper van parking close to […]
  • Velez Blanco & Granada – December 24. & 25. 2019

    In December 2019 By TZ
    Trip with a rented camper van from Alicante via Velez Blanco and Orce to Granada. Including pictures, routes and tips for camper van overnight stays.