Andalucia & Murcia during the holidays 2019

Published on: 23 December 2019

In 2019, after 80.000 km with my motorcycle in 3 years, I saw the need for a more accommodating means of transport. I was a tough decision, as traveling on a motorcycle is a lot of fun.

I learned a lot from it. For one I learned that one really don’t need to drag around a lot of stuff. However, as photography gained a bigger part in my life, the gear bag grew in size and value.

On top, I fancied a more permanent solution for traveling. A vehicle which houses my stuff, and me and of course my fantastic partner Konstanse.

We had a small camper vans before, so we knew we would like it. However, for a last test drive (pun intended) we rented one of those standard 7m something long vehicles in Spain.

The planned route the holidays including Velez Blanco, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and back to Isla Plana.

Next blog will be about the places we visited with the “rental van” …

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