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  • My friend Bert…

    In June 2019 By TZ
    From June 1st to September 30th I am guiding and hosting fly-fishing vacations at Skålestrømmen. It is a magical place and I feel extremely blessed having the chance being so close to nature the whole summer. One of the friends I made there is Bert. He follows me around whenever I come out of the […]
  • Donkeyboy in Basque Country

    In April 2019 By TZ
    On my way northbound through Spain I stopped at Phil´s place in Leorza. I learned that Scotsman Phil is one of the nicest people wandering todays surface of the blue planet. He runs a little guesthouse and organises donkey trips. I never was on a donkey trip so I was very eager to find out […]
  • Palm Sunday in Salamanca

    In April 2019 By TZ
  • Semana Santa in Leon

    In April 2019 By TZ
    A few impressions from the days in Leon. Its quite moving to watch these processions, being religious or not. The atmosphere is really special. I hope this comes through in the images. Monday April 15th 2019 Tuesday April 16th 2019
  • grafisk profil og webside til MC TRANSPORT

    In April 2019 By TZ
    Jeg takker for tilliten og oppdraget å lage webside, markedsplan og et grafisk profil til MC TRANSPORT – Morten Lorentzen – oppdraget inneholder Webside inkludert bookingsystemMarkedsplanNewsletterLogoFlyerVisittkort Gjerne ta kontakt hvis du ønsker hjelp med din web-presens, markedsføring osv.
  • King Falafel

    In March 2019 By TZ
    The results of todays photo safari in Oslo. I really like doing this. It is a fun way to get in contact with people.  Many highlights today, also in the culinary world. When in Oslo one MUST try the falafel from the little food truck on Youngstorget.
  • phone wallpaper

    In March 2019 By TZ
    … by public demand, of the girls I love the most… here’s a wallpaper of the cat and the eyes of the same animal. I have prepared 29 edits, so just download whichever you fancy. Please leave a kind comment would you download the images. 🙂
  • Oslo Spring Sunday

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Its sunny, but cold… still this is called spring though 😉
  • Billy Cobham: The Crosswind’s Project – March 9th 2019 at Cosmopolite, Oslo

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Wow, what a concert. Old Billy, sorry – one has to remind oneself that the super agile and sparkling 40 plus guy behind the big drum set is almost 75 – played his “xss” off. Billy Cobham – DrumsPaul Hanson – Bazoon, Sax. Fareed Haque – GuitarTim Landers – BassScott Tibbs – Keys