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  • About routes & maps on my travel blog.

    In September 2020 By TZ
    You can find route plans on my blog. Since I traveled by motorcycle before I switched to travel in a van, I have used kurviger.de to plan routes. I think this tool is very comfortable and offers a lot of options. Feel free to familiarize yourself with how this tool is used.
  • Februar 2020

    In February 2020 By TZ
    So far a quite busy month. I was teaching sound system measurement and design at the theater in Harnösand, Sweden. It was great fun and I always get a lot of energy from these classes. Sound engineers are maybe the best people one can be surrounded by. After that I spent some time in Oslo […]
  • Erik Smith Trio with special guest Randy Ingram

    In February 2020 By TZ
    Back in Oslo and right into a fantastic concert. Erik Smith and his trio with Randy Ingram as special guest on piano played at Herr Nilsen. It was a lovely evening with fantastic music and amazing musicianship. Erik Smith – drums, Frode Berg – bass, Bjørn Vidar Solli – guitar, Randy Ingram – piano! One […]
  • My friend Bert…

    In June 2019 By TZ
    From June 1st to September 30th I am guiding and hosting fly-fishing vacations at Skålestrømmen. It is a magical place and I feel extremely blessed having the chance being so close to nature the whole summer. One of the friends I made there is Bert. He follows me around whenever I come out of the […]
  • Oslo Spring Sunday

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Its sunny, but cold… still this is called spring though 😉
  • Billy Cobham: The Crosswind’s Project – March 9th 2019 at Cosmopolite, Oslo

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Wow, what a concert. Old Billy, sorry – one has to remind oneself that the super agile and sparkling 40 plus guy behind the big drum set is almost 75 – played his “xss” off. Billy Cobham – DrumsPaul Hanson – Bazoon, Sax. Fareed Haque – GuitarTim Landers – BassScott Tibbs – Keys 
  • Oslo winter Thursdays

    In March 2019 By TZ
    The local angling store called “Angler” does organise fly tying evenings every other Thursday. These events tend to be jam-packed.
  • Anika Nilles in Oslo on March 5th 2019

    In March 2019 By TZ
    – all music rights Anika Nilles I was very fortunate to witness a very inspiring and energy laden demonstration of drum master Anika Nilles. The event was on March 5th 2019 at 4Sound in Oslo. The energy the young lady manages to get across is amazing.
  • the story of a logo

    In February 2019 By TZ
    In 2009 the tidal waves of time washed me ashore of the Majavatn beaches…. corny wording but that’s in a nutshell. In this remote area of Norway I met quite astonishing people. One of them was a young Asbjørn. We fished together quite a bit and I learned heaps from the kid. How to make […]