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  • Guiding @Skålestrømmen in July 2021

    In July 2021 By TZ
    I just wrapped up two weeks of guiding a few days to get hut in order and fish for myself a little bit. It were good sessions. The first group (3 brothers and a cousin) fished from Sunday evening until Thursday around lunchtime. They slept in between of course 🙂 – they clocked in a […]
  • fly tying videos

    In February 2021 By TZ
    he Fly Tying Videos which go along with the PDF book available here –
  • Sjørøye fiske hos Polarsirkelen casting & fluefiskeforening

    In June 2020 By TZ
    Denne helgen er jeg hos Polarsirkelen casting & fluefiskeforening og fisker sjørøye, sjøørret og kanskje laks sammen med noen av de snilleste og flinkeste mennesker sør & nord fra selve polarsirkelen.
  • our little fly shop at Skålestrømmen

    In June 2019 By TZ
    Skålestrømmen Fly Shop – Lars Anderson Fly boxes and hand made flies and special fly tying materials for sale. Barrio Lines, Stickman & Sexyloops rods & Vosseler reels to try.
  • Danish Fly Festival 2019 picture gallery

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Danish Fly Festival 2019 – Picture gallery – After safely returned from the the Danish Fly Festival in Kolding I went through the many pictures I took and … well – here you go. Have a look for yourself. Head over to the Skålestrømmen website to have a look.
  • Danish Fly Festival 2019 Video

    In March 2019 By TZ
    A little film about one of Europes most successful fly fishing event. Skålestrømmen had a booth there this year and it was huge success. In my wildest dreams I had not imagined how positive the reactions would be.
  • on the way to Kolding

    In March 2019 By TZ
    I’m on the way to Kolding now to exhibit at the Danish Flyfestival, one of Europes biggest fairs about all things Fly Fishing. It is quite an event really. Even though it is the biggest, the flyfishing world is not so very big. The show stays cozy. Now I am showing Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing with […]