Reine – Lofoten Islands

Published on: 12 October 2020

At the beginning of October I went to Lofoten. You can see the film here:

The route here …. I had to “hurry”, but it was worth it.

Aurorora Borealis, the Northern Lights

© Thomas Züllich

Pictures of Reine, Lofoten

© Thomas Züllich

EOS 5D Mk IV, just a little bit tweaked in Adobe Lightroom. The autumn sun was perfect. The pictures are also available to buy. Prints up to one meter wide in 300dpi are possible. Just send an email to if you are interested.

EOS 5D Mk IV, nur ein wenig in Adobe Lightroom optimiert. Die Herbstsonne stand perfekt. Die Bilder gibt es auch zu kaufen. Prints bis mit zu einem meter Breite in 300dpi sind möglich. Schick einfach eine mail an wenn du interessiert bist.

EOS 5D Mk IV, bare litt optimalisert i Adobe Lightroom. Høstsolen var perfekt. Bildene er også tilgjengelige for kjøp. Utskrift opptil en meter bred på 300 dpi er mulig. Bare send en e-post til hvis du er interessert.

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