Greece to Romania – Our 4 Day Road Trip through Bulgaria!

Published on: 05 March 2023

After our overnight stop near Kilada in Greece, we left around 11:00 am on Monday. The destination was a pitch at a big lake.

We arrived at the reservoir in the late afternoon. The place was great. We had a fabulous 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains.

The following day we continued towards Bulgaria.

I had planned to make two stops, but we weren´t so lucky with the pitches. At the first, we found a bitch with puppies. She was aggressive towards Einstein but begged me. So, of course, I fed her, but we moved on.

In addition, the forests were infested with processionary caterpillars. They are poisonous and dangerous, so we kept driving until we almost reached the Bulgarian border.

Before the border, we met a cowherd the following day. I don’t know his language, but somehow we understood each other.

He then explained to me that his dog was rather aggressive. He had a herd guard dog. Their job is to keep predators and thieves away. Einstein preferred to stay in the Sprinter, even though he would have loved to say hello to the shepherd and his dog.

After breakfast, we crossed the border. At the border, we bought the vignette that is necessary to use the roads in Bulgaria.

Arriving in Bulgaria we also stayed at a reservoir. There it was bitterly cold. At night it was around freezing point, and during the day, it didn’t get warmer than three or two degrees celsius. Plus thick fog. So after two nights, we moved on again.

The journey was exhausting and riddled with obstacles. The trucks that wanted to take the ferry across the Danube were backed up for several kilometers. The border crossings were lengthy and complex.

Leaving Bulgaria, I had to pay a fine. The Bulgarian toll system had an error, and their computer didn’t show that I had bought a vignette. Also, the customs lady did not want to accept my receipt. So again, 36 euros for nothing. In any case, I was glad to be out of Bulgaria.

We arrived in Timisoara after a long night’s drive, so the adventure continued. We still have a long way to go, but we will spend the next 21 days in Timisoara.

The music in this video is by my good friend Susana Raya. I can only recommend her.

Thank you for watching, and see you soon!


0:00 Free Camping at the beach, Kilada, Greece

0:35 Free Camping at the reservoir, Dioda Eparchiaki, Greece

2:22 Free Camping at the reservoir, Sofia, Bulgaria

3:00 Trouble at the border Bulgaria 2023

3:49 Music by Susana Raya

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