Good bye tour on my BMW

Published on: 06 February 2020

Motorcycle trip with some friends. We drove from Lorca in Murcia to La Hoya and Antas. Nice weather as always.

It was the last trip in Spain on my beloved BMW R1200GS Adventure. Unforyunaly I have to sell it due to time and economic constraints. These boxer machines just create so much emotion.

The subtle humming and constant will to tackle another turn or gravel road – or whatever basically is very addictive.

OMG how I will miss that machine …

If you have nothing else to do you can have look at the “Make Life a Ride videos” on this playlist. YouTube link

I never got around to properly edit all that material, so I just uploaded it just as it came out of the GoPro. Great memories and some interesting landscapes, but the possibilities are limited. One has to decide wether one wants to ride and see stuff or become a TV production on two wheels. I chose the first.

60.000km in 2,5 very relaxed years.

Thanks for the ride I have to say. Now it’s time to move on.

R1200 GS ADVENTURE for sale ….

R1200GS Adventure 125HP, 125Nm, 1170cc registered 1. April 2017 km: 63.500 alle service (inkl. 60.000km service) utført hos de beste verkstedene i Europa * ABS * Traction control * 12V uttak * Sidevesker inkl. Innevesker * Sort BMW Vindskjerm * Alarm * keyless ride * Touratech Velteklosser foran og bak * BMW Navigasjonssystem 6 * Cruise control * Gearshift Pro (blipper opp og ned) * Kjørecomputer * Aut. demperjustering * Midtstøtte * Touratech frontlys beskyttelse * Touratech Motorskydd under * Touratech Speil * Touratech Bag * Touratech Exhaust bekyttelse * Touratech Gel Sal (vanvittig god å sitte på) * Touratech Sylinderdeksel bekyttelse * Touratech vindavviser ved håndtak * diverse Go-Pro mounts * custom wind deflectors (sort) i fronten * Heidenau 120/70 B19 M/C 60T TL M+S K60 Scout * Heidenau 170/60 B17 M/C 72T TL M+S K60 Scout – MC står for tiden is Spania og kommer til Norge i påske (transport via MC Transport – Morten Lorentzen) – det er også mulig å overta MC i Spania (Alicante område). Gjerne send PM ved interesse. Prisen skulle ligge rundt 220.000.

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