Sprinter van rescue part 3

Published on: 08 January 2020

Forrest is been undergoing a thorough check and all humidity issues are worked on. The “Van-Doctor” decided to take out all windows and check the frames etc. It looks worth than it is, but better to fix it properly now than dragging the issue out.

But do not forget, this van is already 20 years old – or better said young. The technicians at the service garage said that many of the vehicles they get in for service look much worse after 5 years. They were specifically impressed with built quality of the furniture. So confirmed my suspicion. Better get “good old timey quality” and fix it then buying something flash new but much cheaper quality.

Pretty much everybody said that a Sprinter is good for 500.000 km or maybe more. “Everybody” as in camper people and more importantly all those which use a Sprinter for commercial transport of goods.

Forrest has run (pun intended) 157.000 km. This means there. is at least 300.000 more k’s life left in him. This is maybe more than what you could expect from one of those Italian jobs (ok, sorry, another pun.)

Let’s see. Knock on wood and all the rest of it.


© Thomas Züllich

If you want to read more about our van Forrest, please click on this link https://www.thomas-zullich.com/tag/our-sprinter-forrest/

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