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  • Palm Sunday in Salamanca

    In April 2019 By TZ
  • Semana Santa in Leon

    In April 2019 By TZ
    A few impressions from the days in Leon. Its quite moving to watch these processions, being religious or not. The atmosphere is really special. I hope this comes through in the images. Monday April 15th 2019 Tuesday April 16th 2019
  • Oslo Spring Sunday

    In March 2019 By TZ
    Its sunny, but cold… still this is called spring though 😉
  • the story of a logo

    In February 2019 By TZ
    In 2009 the tidal waves of time washed me ashore of the Majavatn beaches…. corny wording but that’s in a nutshell. In this remote area of Norway I met quite astonishing people. One of them was a young Asbjørn. We fished together quite a bit and I learned heaps from the kid. How to make […]