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Published on: 24 February 2021

he Fly Tying Videos which go along with the PDF book available here –

Or via apple iBooks –

The first 5 flies are very basic and easy to tie. Some might say that these flies are the only ones you need for fishing trout … maybe true. These are in any case the ideal flies to start when you want to get into Fly Tying.The videos are without any audio and to fully understand them you might want to read the book too.

VIDEO 1 Griffith’s Gnat –

VIDEO 2 Red Tag –

VIDEO 3 Deer Hair Caddis –

VIDEO 4 Hares Nymph – 

VIDEO 5 Czech Style Nymph –

Technical videos

VIDEO 6 Thread Wraps –

VIDEO 7 Finger Whip finish & Half Hitch – (thanks to Konstanse for the demonstration)

VIDEO 8 touch dubbing & standard dubbing –

VIDEO 9 split thread & thread loop dubbing technique –

VIDEO 10 Hackle brush – (working g with CDC etc.)

More advanced fly patterns

Parachute style flies

VIDEO 11 Klinkhamer –

VIDEO 12 Parachute Mayfly –

Extended body style flies

VIDEO 13 Carpet Yarn Caddis –

VIDEO 14 CDC Mohican Mayfly –

VIDEO 15 Daddy Longlegs –

Foam & Semi realistic flies

VIDEO 16 Bibio Marci –

VIDEO 17 USD Hydropsyche Larva – (tied by Konstanse Larsen)

VIDEO 18 Partridge Gammarus –

Hare flies – flies with “Snowshoe Rabbit” / “Arctic Hare” as material

VIDEO 19 Hare Mayfly Emerger –

VIDEO 20 Hare Mayfly Dun –

VIDEO 21 Hare Mayfly Spinner –

VIDEO 22 Deer & Hare Caddis –

VIDEO 23 Li-Flua (shipmans buzzer) –

CDC Flies

VIDEO 24 CDC Needle –

VIDEO 25 CDC Humpy –

VIDEO 26 CDC & Elk –

Seatrout flies (for saltwater)

VIDEO 27 Sprell #1 –

VIDEO 28 Sprell #2 –

The video is part of the book “Fly Tying by Thomas Züllich”  – the video is meant to be looped so you can tie along.

Fly Tying by Thomas Züllich is a digital book available on the apple bookstore and also via the Skålestrømmen online store. You can order and download a pdf version, which you can use in conjunction with the instructional videos on YouTube.  

The book includes 90 minutes of video, over 100 pages of text and a many interactive graphics. The beauty is that you can read and learn about fly tying techniques at your own pace and then use the videos on your computer. 

The intention is to make the fly angler understand and fabricate effective trout flies and also being able to improve and simplify the flies he’s been tying so far.

The approach is to use old techniques and take them further to modern flies. While the reader can learn semi realistic nymphs and extended body flies, as well as patterns just based on one or two materials. Staying true to his German craftsman roots, the author approaches fly tying in very efficient way. Thomas Züllich is a well respected fly tier known for his engaging and fresh approach. The book features crisp interactive graphic content, videos and over 100 pages of informative and entertaining text. The book’s glossary explains over 100 fly fishing specific terms.

To even learn more and discuss the fly patterns in the book the author maintains a facebook group. –


The book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

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